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Folding visualised

Over the years, non-performing conditions grow and widen the gap between gross and net-net prices.

Less and less of the price increases end up in the net-net price or one has to start with astronomical price increases.

The high conditions develop a leverage effect that leaves hardly any room for investments in real sales drivers.

For many decades, the international branded goods industry has practised a regular cleaning up of calculations and calls this “folding”.

The list prices are lowered, conditions are waived that contained little value-added anyway, and the end result is the same net sales as before.

A company with only 100 million gross sales and 50% conditions of gross sales saves 3 million in the next 5 years only with folding, which directly improves the contribution margin.

The new calculations are usually associated with a reorientation in the conditions, which once again reward counter-performance and refinance themselves through profitable growth

We have been practising this process for more than 20 years, have built specific tools for calculative support and have accumulated a lot of experience that we are happy to use in the service of our clients.

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