Revenue growth management

Revenue growth mana-gement

Orchestrating business capabilities to enable profitable growth!

4 topics you should take care of:

Value Insight

An essential prerequisite for effective RGM is a solid foundation of insights into perceived shopper benefit dimensions, price willingness, motivation to purchase occasions and the optimal purchase-activating triggers.

Growth strategy

An ambitious corporate strategy is usually broken down into sub-strategies to address specialist teams’ capabilities optimally. RGM, on the other hand, is about orchestrating the power of the company to act more holistically and exploit synergies to address the value drivers along with a roadmap optimally.

Product Portfolio

Instead of working in silos on value-creating initiatives, RGM is about increasing the perceived value of products for buyers and purchasers through renovations to implement price increases. In this way, product development is also at the service of value creation initiatives.

Value Processes

Aligning ways of working with value creation and capturing requires a mind-shift of the process participants, challenging previous dogmas and evolving team skills.