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Sales and Marketing Excellence

We develop go-to-market strategies to bridge between a company’s strategy and the exceptional shopper experiences.

Effective Shopper Activation

We activate shoppers effectively along their touchpoints to buy products and harvest gains from ongoing, rigorous ROI reviews. 

Best in Class Pricing

We extract perceived value of products from markets. Quantified price models and smart price concepts are key components.

Perfect POS

We help to win at the POS by optimal shelf presentations and an effective use of salesforce resources.

Trade Term Excellence

We revitalize business and efficiency drivers by using net-net neutral price cuts, trade term reengineering and added value concepts.

Business Transformation

We make sales teams successful by redesigning processes, organizational structures, tools and by building capabilities.

Understanding buying behaviour, recognising reaction patterns, assessing trends and developing new business models from them for the future. 

Don’t give away any value creation potential in digitalisation! 

Appointment Request

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“We don’t want to be the biggest, but we do want to be the best in our core competences.”