Unleash your power to monetise the perceived product value in pricing!

4 topics you should take care of:

Value pricing

Building on the proven clean-up of historical burdens in calculations – the so-called folding – we are now moving to the next level to optimise price architecture and logic and the indirect and legally compliant management of prices and profit pools. All RGM elements should work together here.

Product Portfolio

Instead of working in silos on value-creating initiatives, RGM is about increasing the perceived value of products for buyers and purchasers through renovations to implement price increases. In this way, product development is also at the service of value capturing initiatives.

Trade terms

Re-emphasising conditions as entrepreneurial investments in value-adding business drivers, aligning them more strategically, increasing ROI and embedding them in win-win concepts for trade and industry is an ongoing challenge. RGM can help to find holistic opportunities for a joint business plan.

Value proposition

Knowing the key perceived benefit dimensions of buyers and optimising them in product portfolio concepts, the RGM process sharpens the promises to buyers across all communication channels. Finding value-adding ideas for the trading partner is the other side of the coin.